Apahyana : A Visual Story About a Boat Ride Into An Alternate

ApahYana in Sanskrit can be translated to a water vehicle is a boat ride into the alternate world. 

The story begins with Picking Your Ride from a set of bouncing gondolas in the grand canal of Venice. Once The Ride is selected we Set Sail for the journey by Leaving the Shore.

The Ride Begins and as we slowly progress, through the ride,  we are Still Solid as we approach the gateway of the alternate world. At the gate way we are met by the Bird of Imagination which helps us through The Crossover.

As we move into the alternate world we still feel the Fluidic Reality and as the journey progresses reality is Melting Away and eventually fades (Fading Reality) off from us.

Our mind finally lets go (Letting Go) of the reality and we enter the enter the Land Of No Reality.

After spending some time in the alternate world we are guided back (Being Guided Back) by the bird of imagination. We see Light At the End of the tunnel and eventually we are Welcomed Back into reality.


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